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Why am I here?

I am not suffering from an existential crisis, I hope you are not either. Because that needs face to face talking in my humble opinion. And a love of philosophy and open ended stories so that you can make whatever conclusion that keeps you in the rat race. I am doubting that I, as a yoga teacher, have anything new to add to all the content out there. However, as I have been reminded again recently, if you pay less attention to the packaging, wrapping and bows that you put your “present to the world” in, and pay more attention to the actual “present to the world” I’d realize that my yoga journey is different to all the other teacher’s out there.

I don’t care much for branding, outfits and equipment, I care for the practice, the way it teaching all students something different and the way it heals people, physically, mentally and spiritually. I’m in the business of healing. I am a practicing physiotherapist. Movement is the medicine I prescribe (I’m not allowed to prescribe medicine in SA) and bodies are the vehicles I aim to fix. I have learned that no pathology is the same, no two injuries heal the same either. The mind, body and soul all play a role in the healing process. Physiotherapy has only addressed the body for a long time, but yoga accesses all these parts of a human being. And it does so without prodding, pressing or poking a needle in. Yoga holistically guide the practitioner towards the answers or realizations needed.

So I’m here to delve deeper into how the body reacts to the practice, how our anatomy and physiology changes over time. To enable everybody, as in shape, size, flexibility or diagnosis to find a safe and sustainable practice. Documenting my own philosophy studies of this ancient practice. To link the research and science with what you experience on and off the mat. How mindfulness, flexibility and kindness are all side effects of yoga. So all things yoga basically, without the fluff of fancy wrapping.

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