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About Me

I begged my mother to take me with her when she started practicing yoga in 2007 (the only yoga studio in Kimberley), now I beg her to come to one of my classes.

I was completely mesmerized by this ancient practice from the very first time I stepped on a mat (the thick, slippery ones from Mr Price Sport). The humble exploration of your abilities, the gentle, yet firm way the practice guides your movements, breath and ultimately your thoughts too.

My fascination with biomechanics and alignment drove me to pursue a career as a physiotherapist, to get behind injury lines. I qualified from UFS in 2012 and currently work in private practice with musculoskeletal injuries.  As a young physio I routinely felt inadequate and decided to do a post grad course in musculoskeletal injuries (OMT 1) in 2016.

Yoga teacher training graduation.
Graduation day, May 2019.

I am passionate about sustainable change for my patients and routinely recommend (or bully) them to take a yoga class. I started teaching yoga after completing my 200 hour YTT with Eon Yoga in Pretoria, in 2017. I was blessed to go to the “mothership” in 2019, when I completed an advanced 300 hours of YTT in Goa, India, with the Himalaya Yoga Valley Centre.

My two worlds complement one another beautifully and I plead guilty to borrowing from one to enhance the other. Physiotherapy has taught me anatomy, physiology and pathology, but yoga has taught me spirituality, philosophy and the intricacies of healing. Teaching yoga is my way of making the world a better place. I love giving people a moving experience that calms the mind and challenge the body, to ultimately restore and reset your “factory settings” of peace. I look forward to guiding you on your own yoga journey.


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